Taking Care Of Myself Naturally

How Can You Purchase Cannabigerol?

by Amelia Graves

Cannabigerol, as its name suggests, is a chemical compound that can be derived from cannabis and hemp. It can be used to treat serious health conditions, such as anorexia and glaucoma. It may even be more effective than CBD, another cannabinoid commonly used for its curative properties. Here are four ways you can purchase CBG for use as a health supplement:

1. Visit a dispensary.

You don't need a prescription to purchase or use CBG. CBG won't get you high, and it's legal in all fifty states, unlike cannabis. However, if you already have a medical marijuana card, you may be able to purchase CBG at the same place where you purchase cannabis. Many dispensaries carry hemp products in addition to cannabis products. Some people appreciate the non-psychoactive properties of CBG during times when they can't afford to be impaired. Call your local dispensary to find out if they stock CBG before making the trip in person.

2. Check out an e-cigarette shop.

Some people prefer to vape CBG. If you want an odorless vaping experience, look for e-liquid supplements that contain CBG. The best place to find CBG e-liquid is at your local e-cigarette shop. You may need to ask a sales associate to help you locate the right e-liquid. Some stores keep their CBG and CBD products set apart from the rest of their stock. You may also want to purchase a separate cartridge for your CBG e-liquid so you can still vape non-medicated e-liquid whenever you want.

3. Visit a health food store.

CBG comes in several easy-to-ingest forms. Some people prefer CBG oil that can be taken sublingually, while others appreciate the mess-free capsule form of CBG. You can find CBG products at certain health food stores. Since CBG is a supplement and not a pharmaceutical drug, it's perfectly safe and legal to purchase it over the counter.

4. Make your purchase online.

If you don't feel like leaving your house or you can't find a CBG supplier near you, you can also purchase it online. Some CBG suppliers sell their products exclusively online. Buying CBG  online allows you to peruse a greater selection than you can find in a physical store. You'll also get the ease and comfort of being able to shop from home. Some nonessential stores remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and if you buy CBG online it's a great way to practice social distancing.