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Worried Your Unhealthy Diet And Weight Is Causing Fertility Concerns? See A Fertility Nutritionist With Your Partner

by Amelia Graves

If getting pregnant is becoming a problem and you think that your diet and your weight are concerning issues, meet with a fertility nutritionist. This is important because you may not realize that some of the habits you think are good are harming your chances of getting pregnant and causing your fertility harm.

Many of these things will be true for both partners if you are having difficulty determining which person has the fertility concerns. Here are things to bring up with the fertility nutritionist.  

What You Think is Healthy Could Have Hidden Toxins

You may be eating foods that you think are rich in nutrients to help you be fertile; however, they have hidden toxins and dangers. Examples could be:

  • Pesticides used during crop growth
  • Antibiotics or hormones used for animals
  • Chemicals in packaging like ethylene oxide, BPS, and more

These are just some of the examples, and you may not even realize that what you are eating, or your partner, is the culprit of infertility.

Not All Healthy Food Increases Fertility

Not all foods are optimal for fertility. You will want to avoid foods with soy and soybeans, some peanut butter options, full-fat dairy, and more. The fertility nutritionist will look at your daily eating habits and determine what to add more off and what needs to be cut out. This may mean skipping your morning tea or favorite deli sandwich but is worth the discipline.

Healthy Eating Must Continue Throughout Pregnancy

Those that struggle with fertility are more likely to have a miscarriage. This is why it's crucial for healthy eating to continue once pregnant. The fertility nutritionist will be able to follow your diet and help you eat to maintain your health, along with the growing baby inside of you. These appointments will be important, and you want to check in as needed for accountability.

It will have to be a commitment to get your nutrition on the right track. If you have very recently had your bloodwork drawn, the nutritionist will want to look at everything so they can see what vitamins or minerals you are lacking, or where you have concerns.

You and your partner may need to make immediate changes to your diet, and these could need to be carried out throughout pregnancy. Make an appointment so you can get moving in the right direction towards getting pregnant, and being at optimal health. 

For more information, reach out to a fertility nutritionist.