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How To Get Amazing Results With CBD Moisturizer: It Comes Down To Habits

by Amelia Graves

CBD moisturizer is becoming more and more common among people in all age brackets. It can help ease acne and oiliness in younger people, and it can help ease dryness and wrinkling in older skin. If you want to experience these benefits for yourself, the first step is to go out and buy CBD facial moisturizer. The second step is to then use it properly. Here are some guidelines for the most effective use.

Apply the moisturizer after washing your face with warm water.

The best time to apply any moisturizer is right after washing your face. This is even more important with CBD moisturizer since its effectiveness depends on the CBD being absorbed into your pores. Washing with warm water will open your pores a little further, allowing the CBD to be better absorbed and to have more powerful effects. Use a gentle face wash when using CBD moisturizer. A gel or cream cleanser tends to be less irritating than a foaming one. You don't want to use a harsh cleanser that causes more skin irritation and counteracts the effects of the CBD.

Massage the CBD cream in gently.

Some moisturizers are meant to be smoothed onto the skin gently and with as little touch as possible. But with CBD cream, rubbing it in can actually help. You want to make sure your hands are really clean before you do this so you don't introduce any harmful bacteria to your face. Massage the cream onto your clean face using gentle circular motions. Continue for 2 - 3 minutes. This massaging increases circulation to your skin, which helps carry the CBD further down into your pores and the deeper layers of your skin, where it can have longer-lasting benefits like wrinkle reduction. 

Wait before applying other products.

It is okay to use other actives, like hyaluronic acid and collagen, in combination with CBD cream. However, you need to wait. You do not want one ingredient interacting negatively with the other, and you don't want two ingredients competing for absorption. Apply the CBD cream, wait at least 30 minutes, and then apply the other topicals. Many people apply the CBD right after washing their face, and then wait and apply the other products right before bedtime.

CBD facial creams can be transformative, but you do have to use them correctly. With the tips above, you will experience the maximum benefits of these products. For more information about CBD restorative facial moisturizer, contact a local distributor.