Taking Care Of Myself Naturally

Consider Medical Marijuana As A Muscle Relaxant After These Issues

by Amelia Graves

More and more people are turning to medical marijuana as a way to deal with a multitude of health problems. Seeing your doctor about your health complaint and obtaining a prescription for medical marijuana brings you a step closer to boosting your quality of life. One way that medical marijuana can help you is by relaxing your muscles. While complementary therapies such as massage can also be of value, you may find that by ingesting marijuana, your muscle pain will decrease significantly. If you've suffering from muscle pain as a result of these issues, medical marijuana may be an answer.

Car Accident

Being in a car accident can lead to myriad physical health issues, including broken bones and joint problems. Something that may seem lesser, albeit not to anyone who has suffered in this manner, is muscle pain. Pain from the impact, from whiplash, or even from your seat restraint can all leave you in considerable discomfort. In some cases, you may even have muscle damage such as tearing. Should you choose to use medical marijuana as a treatment method, you'll notice a reduction in your pain.

Sports Injury

While athletes who are drug tested are unable to use medical marijuana, a casual athlete who happens to get injured during competition and suffer from debilitating muscle pain may find this treatment option effective. For example, a golfer who might have rolled his or her golf cart down an incline and been thrown from the vehicle, a rock climber who slipped off the face of a wall and took a nasty fall to a ledge below, or a casual hockey player who could have been hit awkwardly against the boards may be dealing with prolonged muscle pain.


Unfortunately, being assaulted can leave you with a series of emotional and physical wounds. Whether you were mugged on the street by a stranger or in your home by an intruder, you may be left with physical injuries that include muscle pain. Medical marijuana can be an effective treatment option for this discomfort, but can also add the benefit of calming your nerves. This additional advantage can be especially critical when you've been through a serious trauma such as any form of assault. Should you have muscle pain from these issues or anything else that is affecting your quality of life, see your physician to discuss how medical marijuana may be right for you.