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Three Ailments For Which CBD Salve Is An Excellent Remedy

by Amelia Graves

CBD has been in the news a lot lately. This non-hallucinogenic marijuana extract has multiple uses, and every one of them seems to treat or cure a physical ailment. CBD itself is now found in most stores, and in most forms for medical use. The following are three ailments for which CBD salve can be used to treat and eradicate an ailment. 


If you rub CBD salve on your forehead and the back of your neck, it is absorbed into the skin and nervous system. Once the nerves have absorbed it, they begin to slow down their transmission of signals to the areas of the brain affected by migraines. Slowly, the migraine begins to dissipate, and you feel less pain and have less trouble with your eyes. It is most effective against migraines brought on by stress, but you can try it with migraines that occur without stress as the trigger. 

Muscle Cramps

CBD salves are excellent for treating muscle cramps, too. Charlie horses immediately begin to dwindle away after this salve is rubbed into the spasming muscle tissue. The muscle relaxes, and it returns to normal functioning. Using the salve for a day or two after the extreme muscle cramp also reduces the pain that results after the cramping, which makes it easier to move about. Some women even use it on their abdomens to help with the pain of menstrual cramps.

Skin Rashes

Many skin rashes, including eczema and psoriasis, are itchy inflammations of the skin. Most salves and balms can help with these issues, but the CBD salve can cure them. It already works on the nervous system, and it helps control inflammation. When it comes into contact with really dry, irritated skin, it calms and soothes the skin while helping the skin become softer and smoother. If you get really dry, chapped skin in winter, consider using some of this salve to make the problem better. A little on most open skin sores will not hurt either, and you may find it very comforting. 

Where to Buy Your Salve

CBD in salve form comes two ways. Either buy it in a squeeze-out tube to control the amount you use, or buy it in stick roll-on form, which allows you to rub the salve over an area like your forehead or a cramping calf muscle with little to no difficulty. Both are available in most pharmacies. Contact a company, like mitruehealth, for more help.