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Cannabis Microdosing: Benefits of Smaller Doses

by Amelia Graves

Anything in life in moderation can be good for you. That's especially true of cannabis used for medicinal purposes. Some users love the feel-good high that accompanies the medicinal benefits. Others, though, want no or low psychoactive effects from cannabis. 

No matter what cannabis product you use—flower, capsules, drops—you can control your dosage by asking your cannabis dispensary to prepare microdoses. 


Cannabis alleviates many of the unpleasant symptoms of illness. Medicinal cannabis studies have shown it is especially effective in pain management but could contribute to psychosis. Though cannabis can help manage symptoms, too high a dose could interfere with your daily functioning. 

Microdosing is a way to get the medicinal benefits while limiting the psychoactive effects. If you have a serious illness and are prescribed a cannabis-based treatment, always check with your doctor before making any changes to your dosage. 

When Should You Use Microdosing?

Your doctor and cannabis dispensary can help you decide on the right microdosage. Microdosing is recommended for the following reasons:

1. The user is trying cannabis for the first time: Microdosing allows your system to gradually adapt to cannabis. If the psychoactive effect is too strong or you experience side effects, your reaction will be less severe. Your dispensary can make minor adjustments to your dosage until you find the right balance. 

2. The user has an addictive personality: A person at risk of addiction should use cannabis under the care of their doctor or therapist. Ask your cannabis dispensary about microdose options.  You will have a lower propensity to take a larger cannabis dose when it's packaged and sold in microdoses. 

3. The user is prone to becoming dysfunctional: If you're in the creative arts, you may enjoy a slight hallucinatory buzz while you work. But if all of a sudden your designs are being rejected, it's a sign you may be hallucinating. If you're operating equipment, drugs with a psychoactive effect should be avoided. Ask your doctor for a cannabis drug without a psychoactive effect. 

Microdosing Adjustments

Some microdosers mistakenly believe the aim of microdosing should be to let the body adjust to the cannabis and gradually increase the dosage. Such thinking could lead to addictive behavior and a downward spiral. Addicts need higher and higher dosages to get high. Instead, your dosage should be based on its efficacy in treating your illness and symptoms. If you are getting good but insufficient results, consider increasing the microdose. If you have good results but are not functioning as efficiently in your job, gradually lower the dose. 

Cannabis is a safe and effective natural health care treatment for many illnesses and treatments when used in moderation. For more information, contact a dispensary