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Common Hemp CBD Tincture Issues And How To Address Them

by Amelia Graves

Hemp CBD tinctures are incredible for managing a wide range of conditions and symptoms, from headaches to joint pain. However, they might work much better for some people than others when they first start taking them. Luckily, most of these issues are not that hard to solve or address, and their experience with CBD can be improved. Here are some easy solutions to common problems people have with CBD tinctures.

Problem: You can't stand the taste of your CBD tincture.

Some people like the flavor of natural hemp tincture and some people do not. If you don't like the natural flavor, then look for a flavored product. Citrus flavors tend to mask the earthy flavor of the hemp oil really well, so you might like a lemon or orange-flavored tincture. Most products are flavored with natural essential oils and fruit juices, so they are safe and pure. If you want to be more adventurous, there are other flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and even peppermint.

Problem: Your CBD tincture is taking too long to kick in.

Do you feel like it takes 20 minutes or more for your CBD tincture to take effect? You might not be using it quite right. Instead of just dropping it in your mouth and swallowing it, you should place the tincture under your tongue, hold it there for about a minute, and then swallow. There are blood vessels really close to the surface of your skin under your tongue, so the CBD can be absorbed directly into them, taking effect within minutes. When you swallow the CBD, it has to pass into your stomach and then into your intestines to be absorbed, which takes much longer.

Problem: You have to take too much CBD tincture to have an effect.

Do you need to use more than one dropper full of CBD tincture to get the effects you desire? Then you need to switch to a more potent formulation. If you are currently using 1000 mg CBD, then try using 2000 mg instead. You'll need half the volume of tincture in order to get the same amount of CBD.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are using a really potent CBD tincture and are struggling to get just one drop out of the dropper, you may want to switch to a weaker tincture so you can take a couple of drops without worrying about taking too much.

Hemp CBD tincture is a great remedy for many problems. Don't let a few little issues turn you off to this treatment; they're usually easy to address and you can reap many benefits from using CBD products.