Taking Care Of Myself Naturally

4 Tips For Purchasing CBG Flower

by Amelia Graves

Hemp contains many compounds that are beneficial to your health. Cannabidiol is commonly used as a health supplement, but fewer people know about cannabigerol, another cannabinoid that can be used to treat ailments. CBG is found in the buds of the hemp plant. If you want to incorporate CBG into your health care regimen in the most natural way possible, you can purchase hemp flower to vaporize or smoke. Here are four tips for purchasing CBG flower:

1. Choose select CBG strains.

When purchasing hemp flower, you'll have the opportunity to buy from stores that specialize in hemp products. Hemp is bred in various strains, each with its own chemical composition and beneficial qualities. If you want to benefit from cannabigerol, choose hemp strains that are high in CBG content. Most hemp strains are analyzed in a lab, where they are tested for various cannabinoids. Look for strains like Sour G, which prioritize CBG over other cannabinoids.

2. Experiment with different CBG percentages.

You'll be able to learn the CBG percentages of various hemp strains before making a purchase. Most hemp flowers are clearly labeled with this information. The amount of CBG you need for maximum benefit will depend on your condition. Experiment with various CBG percentages until you find the type of hemp flower that eases your symptoms best.

3. Perform your own taste test.

When you purchase CBG flower, you'll have the opportunity to select strains based on their cannabinoid content. However, there's more to an enjoyable strain of hemp than percentages of cannabinoids. The taste of your CBG flower matters as well. Smoking or vaporizing CBG can be an enjoyable experience as well as a healthful one. Some strains of hemp flower have a sour citrus flavor, while others are more floral. Try many different strains of CBG flower until you find the ones whose flavors and scents you particularly enjoy.

4. Purchase CBG flower in bulk.

Many dispensaries offer discounts for patients who purchase hemp flower in bulk. It's often cheaper in the long run to purchase an ounce of CBG flower rather than smaller amounts. CBG flower can lose its quality over time. However, you can keep your CBG flower fresh by storing it properly. Keep your CBG flower in an airtight container. Dark containers are preferable since they keep out ultraviolet light. Keep your CBG flower in a cool, dark area until you're ready to use it.