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Taking CBD Tincture Can Be A Pleasant Experience

by Amelia Graves

When you think about using a CBD tincture, what comes to mind? You might imagine taking a bad-tasting liquid and trying to choke it down. This is not an uncommon perception, but it's not really accurate. There is some CBD tincture that has a strong hemp flavor that people may find unpleasant. However, not all CBD tinctures taste like this, and there are definitely ways to make the experience of taking CBD better. Here are some key tips to help you in this regard.

Choose a flavored CBD tincture.

If the CBD tincture bottle does not mention a flavor, it probably is naturally flavored. Some companies only make naturally flavored tinctures, but there are plenty of companies that do flavor their CBD products. The best flavors to look for are usually citrus flavors and mint. Both citrus and mint cover the hemp flavor well. Other fruity flavors, like strawberry and cherry, tend to let the hemp flavor shine through more. 

Put the tincture under your tongue.

Are you depositing the CBD directly onto your tongue? If so, there's a better approach: put the CBD under your tongue instead. This way, you will not taste its flavor as strongly. There is also another benefit of putting the CBD tincture under your tongue; it will be absorbed more quickly. You have blood vessels close to the surface under your tongue, and the CBD can be absorbed right into them. It will be minutes, instead of hours, before you feel the effects of CBD when you deposit it beneath your tongue. 

Don't take more than you need.

If your CBD tincture comes with a dropper, as most do, you might assume you need a whole dropper as one dose of CBD. But this may not be the case. Everyone reacts to CBD differently, and some people need a smaller dose than others. Before you assume you need a whole dropper, try a quarter dropper. If that doesn't do the trick, then try a half-dropper the next time. If you find a smaller amount of CBD works for you, then you'll save yourself the unpleasantness of trying to swallow more.

CBD has so many benefits, from relaxation to pain relief. If you are worried the experience of taking it won't be pleasant, consider the options above. Each option will make taking a relaxation CBD oil tincture a little more pleasant, which is important if you plan on using this therapeutic substance long-term.